Art Competition & Art Fair

Art Competition & Art Fair

6 september 2019

Day of the flag

Celebrating (the discovery of) Bonaire, we will an annual art fair and art competition on 6 september –  Bonaire’s Flag Day or “Dia di Boneiru”. The theme for this year is BONAIRE IN 2050. The fair will be held on the museum plain and entrance is free. With food trucks, goody bags and live music accompanying  the art, is promises to be a engaging evening.

Culture blue

Our first cultural heritage

A great thank you goes out to Mrs Daisy Coffie, member of the island council, who visited our museum for the first time while attending the cultural exhibition ‘Folklor Kontemporaneo’. She immediately felt related to the culture history displayed and was motivated to donate her ‘National Costume’ to the museum, since she saw one of our mannequins half wrapped into a piece of fabric as a temporary solution. The donated folkloric costume which she herself worn at the opening ceremony of the dia di Rincon 2019, led us to a bigger idea…

Aiming of rescuing and conserving our cultural heritage, it brought us to create a project where not only us, but where the entire culture of Bonaire can be part and proud of. Inspired by the occurrences, we designed the Blue Culture Destination Wall. An information point that will be led by this phenomenon ‘Mrs D’. A wall located in the Terramar Museum, where locals and visitors can pick their favourite cultural spot to visit or to support. As result, we aim to tie both national and international relations through this cultural meeting point.

Additionally, this national look of Mrs D is officially the character of the project , known as Feminine, ambitious and fertile, and, will be used to express the meaning of our cultural information wall.