About the museum

In the heart of Kralendijk, somewhat hidden behind shops, ice-cream parlors and luxury apartments, the entrance to the most recent shoot on the museum tree of Bonaire is located in a restored monumental building. The Terramar Museum is registered as a historical and archaeological museum. That is hardly surprising if one knows that its initiator is a Dutch archaeologist, who graduated from Leiden University in the archeology of the Caribbean region.

With the support of investors, he succeeded in creating a modern museum where not just the formation of Bonaire is portrayed, but it is placed in a wider Caribbean perspective as well. Chronologically grouped artifacts, excavated at various locations in the broader Caribbean Basin and/or lent out to Terramar by international universities, in an attractive, playful way present an image of more than 7000 years of the development of present-day Caribbean societies. The era of slavery is not kept off.

The journey through time is visualized by fascinating artifacts, drawings, pictures, 3D reconstructions, and videos. It’s a fun experience that stirs the imagination with a person from the past in every room to tell visitors about his or her life. Museum guest almost literally encounter a captivating world of remarkable finds, unknown stories of bygone times and revelations about regional history.

Terramar is undoubtedly a great asset to the historical conscience, not only of Bonaire but also of the entire Caribbean.

By Intermediate N.V. & Maduro & Curiel’s Bank