About us

Discover the stories of the past

Welcome to the website of Terramar Museum, a historical and archaeological museum in the center of Kralendijk on the Dutch Caribbean island Bonaire. A visit to Terramar Museum will take you on a journey through 7,000 years of Caribbean history, from the earliest Amerindian settlers to the age of exploration and the colonial era. Once you set foot inside, you will explore the fascinating history of Bonaire and the wider Caribbean region through spectacular exhibits, fascinating artifacts, 3D reconstructions and interactive experiences. Feel free to browse our website for additional information about the museum, our collections, events, activities, and much more.

Mission statement

Terramar Museum is governed by a local foundation, Stichting Terramar Museum. The museum’s mission is to:

  • Display and promote the history and archaeology of Bonaire and the Caribbean to a large audience through fixed and temporary exhibitions, lectures, tours, and other events.
  • Facilitate research into the history and archaeology of Bonaire and the Caribbean.
  • Provide a platform for both professionals and amateurs to present on topics regarding the history and archaeology of Bonaire and the Caribbean.
  • Raise awareness about historical and archaeological issues and the protection and preservation of cultural heritage.