The Terramar Museum cannot wait to show your class our wonderful collection. Experience the stories of the past based on the archaeological findings in this area.Let us make the children curious about history; make them enthusiastic about culture.


In the Terramar Museum, we believe in the principle of multiple-sensory learning. This means that our education program is filled with content that touches the head, heart and hands.


This means that:

  1. Head

We try to motivate the students by telling them stories about the past. These stories will be told by excellent storytellers that will make the archaeological artefacts come to life and invoke their imagination.


  1. Heart

Our museum needs to captivate the audience; make them aware of the stories of the past, present and future. By connecting the narratives to the lives of the children, history will come alive and meaningful. We want the children not only to think about their culture when they are in the museum; they need to take the stories home and share them with their friends and family.


  1. Hands

Everything is more fun when you can do things in the museum. If you are planning to come to the museum, we try to make the children actively involved in the collection by making them play and create. The degree of activity is up to the teacher. The museum will try to appeal to the several types of learning styles (sensory, intuitive, kinesthetic) to make the activity as compelling as possible.




The Terramar Museum offers various activity packages that can be built according to the classes and the preferences of the teachers. The activity packages can vary between high-intensity and low-intensity activities and the duration in time.


The activities are for both primary and secondary school students.


Activity package 1

The teacher ‘rents’ the building for her/his own learning activities.

No museum educator, no tour.

Necessary requirements: 

For every 10 students, there needs to be 1 attendant

Time and cost

Costs: $20,- p/h

> 1 hour

Activity package 2

Museum tour with scavenger hunt:

A museum teacher will give the students a tour through the museum according to their level and age. Through stories and additional artefacts, the museum teacher will bring the museum to life.

At the end of the tour, the children can do a scavenger hunt to test their knowledge.

Necessary requirements: 

For every 10 students, there needs to be 1 attendant.

Time and cost;

Costs: $75,-

Additional costs for scavenger hunt: +$15

1-2 hours

Activity package 3


A museum teacher will give the student a traditional pub quiz wherein the teacher will test the knowledge of the children by testing various (cultural) categories. The price for the winner is included!

Necessary requirements: 

For every 10 children, there needs to be 1 attendant

Needs to be planned at least 1 week in attendance

Time and cost:

Costs: $85,- per class

Can also be done inside the classroom!

Activity package 4


Nothing connects students more to history than re-enacting the past through drama.

The museum curator will give a workshop about scriptwriting (10:00-11:00), after which students will play out a script that they created about the first nomads on Bonaire. After rehearsing, the children will have a short break before performing the play in front of their classmates.

Necessary requirements: 

For every 5 children, there needs to be 1 attendant

Needs to be planned at least one month in attendance.

Probs are included.

Time and cost:

Costs: $120,- per class. Drinks and snacks included.

From 10:00-13:00


If you have ideas for other activities, you are welcome to contact us. We are very willing to accommodate the basic packages to your own wishes. We call this our customized program. We will arrange a special activity and price for your own unique experience.

Ideas from previous customized programs:

  • Make their own artwork of cornflour
  • A story-telling competition
  • Organize their own exhibition


Need transport?

For an additional $60 we can arrange transport that can bring the students to the museum and back to school.

Are you enthusiastic?

Please, contact:

and plan your trip now!