Temporary Exhibitions

“My name is Dillon and, although I am just 21, painting gives me a feeling of immortality: I can express something artistically that I hope will outlast me. Painting is my way of expressing how I feel in the moment. I was born on Curacao but I have lived on Bonaire virtually my whole life.
I cant categorize my work but I would call it contemporary/expressionistic art. Right before my 20th birthday, I started “WHATSIDE” because I wanted to have a place to collect my art and to make all of it available. It was important to me that anyone could see it and experience it when they wanted online.
My art soon expanded to include a different canvas. I started to paint on clothes and I partnered with www.1of1.world making my art wearable. These days, my preferred medium is canvas rather than clothing, although I still accept commissioned pieces.
As I look back, I realize that I have always been drawn to art. Growing up, I tended to be drawn to fashion and music videos. Maybe it was the vibrant colors, the messages, the power of the art to reach so many that attracted me. And, now, I focus on painting and hopefully connecting to an audience that shares my passion. You can find all the pieces I’ve made on Instagram @whatside.archive”

June 8 – August 31

Margreet Pijpers is Dutch with Caribbean roots (she was born on Curacao). She completed the tuition “Reproductie- en Reclametekenen” in 1968 in Utrecht. Margreet taught the art of watercolour drawing at the ”Volsuniversiteit” in Alphen aan den Rijn. She had her work in exhibition in Koudekerk aan den Ijssel and Gouda. In 2006 Margreet moved to Bonaire, together with her husband Hans Faassen. On Bonaire she taught at the Skol di Arte. A famous work is the children’s book “Hoe Castor verdwaalde” (How Castor got lost). She wrote the text and made the illustrations. The book is quadrilingual: Papaimentu, Spanish, English and Dutch. Her husband introduced her to the local artist Henk Roozendaal (1947) of the Bonairian School. Henk familiarized Margreet with the technique of Acryl paint on plywood. Margreet’s work evolved from illustrative to “free work”. Free work, as Margreet calls it, was taught to her by the late artist Ronald Verhoeven. Her “ Free Work” inspires the viewer to use their imagination.

Februari 2021 – March 2021

In 2014 en 2015 schilderde Han van der Mijn 365 dagen lang, elke dag, een zogenaamde “Hidden Selfie”, waarbij het uitgangspunt was: wat is het voor een dag, welke gemoedstoestand heb ik, heb ik vandaag meer een binnenstem (dan hoef ik geen mond te schilderen) of een naar binnen gekeerde blik (dan hoef ik niet twee ogen te schilderen) en heeft de dag een bepaalde kleur? Het totale project van een jaar werd gepresenteerd op twaalf stalen panelen, analoog aan de maanden van het jaar en werd onder andere tentoongesteld op de Biënnale van Venetië.
Op deze kleine expositie in het Terramar Museum zijn 32 van deze “Hidden Selfies” te zien.

January 2021 – February 2021

Sue Art studio is Solveig van Wijngaarden, a Dutch artist who is painting fulltime since 2017. She loves to paint with acrylics on canvas, wood and walls. Since December 2019 she permanently lives on beautiful Bonaire, where she loves to give a little extra color to the island. There are several murals across the island made by her. You can see her work and follow daily activities on social media.

August 2020 – September 2020

Het cultuuraanbod op het kleine Bonaire lijkt zich soms te beperken tot erfgoed, het vieren van traditie, en het presenteren van de geschiedenis. Maar moderne kunst heeft ook wel degelijk een plek op het eiland – al moet je soms even goed zoeken naar de broedplaatsen van creatieve vernieuwing. En toch, als je weet waar je moet zijn, vind je in Rincon en Nort’i Salinja jongeren die oude muziekstijlen in een nieuw akoestisch jasje steken; blijkt de poëzie springlevend op Bonaire en vinden ook de beeldende en podiumkunsten hun weg naar het publiek. Een van die jonge moderne kunstenaars is TXN: de nom de plume van Tatiana Nicolaas, die na haar kunstopleiding in Nederland te hebben afgerond haar terugkomst op Bonaire – en haar verjaardag – viert met een overzichtstentoonstelling van haar werk tot nu toe.

May 2019 – June 2019

Laurie (Freundel) Rockwell was originally a “Lago Baby” born of American parents in Aruba where she lived for 13 years. After the Esso refinery closed in the 1960’s the family moved to the United States, but the family often returned to live and work in St. Maarten, Aruba, and Bonaire. The big draw to return was of course, the Caribbean Sea most of all. It is so treasured by all of us that the artist decided to prepare paintings of undersea life to remind us of this beauty underneath our oceans. All proceeds are enthusiastically donated to the cause of reef restoration, renewal and preservation in Bonaire.

April 2019 – May 2019

Folklor Kontemporaneo. A lovely collection of local and international artists put together, expressing Bonaire’s nowadays culture. The exhibition is spread out through the permanent historical timeline. All artwork are for sale and is open for public until Friday, 10th of May. Come and enjoy of some beautiful pieces made by: Delno Tromp, Alejandro Rodrigues, Nochi Coffie, Maidy Martijn, Marjolein Wilson, Lize van den Ven, Lala Janga, Rajelle Rooi, Rosalba Figaroa, Stichting Rehm and Inez Schenk!

November 2018 – November 2018 

This photographic exhibition shows Las Haciendas de Cacao Venezolano, located in the north central coastal region of the Acevedo and Páez municipalities, cocoa zone from the Barlovento axis in the state of Miranda, where cocoa is grown in an artisanal way. 95% of Venezuelan cocoa is recognized for its excellence and is considered the best in the world for having a great variety of unique flavors and aromas, which makes the product is in the category of the finest on the planet. The main producers of cocoa in Venezuela are the states: Sucre, Miranda, Mérida, Delta Amacuro and Monagas and they concentrate 94% of the registered national production of the item. This exhibition shows the cultural process from plantation up to harvest retuals of the Venezuelan cacao. 

August 2016 – February 2017

‘Sailors of the past’ is the first temporary exhibition hosted by Terramar Museum. Fifteen historic photographs at the entrance of the museum will provide a glimpse into the fascinating maritime history of the ABC islands, from young Bonairean deckhands daringly diving from mast tops to burly dock workers moving heavy cargo at the Handelskade in Curacao and majestic three-masted clipper ships at anchor in Oranjestad, Aruba. The exhibition is made by the Bonaire Maritime Heritage Foundation, the organization responsible for the restoration of the Stormvogel, the last remaining sailing cargo ship from the region.