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Terramar Museum is a foundation, and as such it is a non-profit organization. While we receive funds through the sale of admission tickets and gifts, we are not financially supported by the local or Dutch governments and do not receive structural funding from other parties. In order for the museum to carry out its activities, it is therefore partly dependent on donations from the general public. Your support to the museum is important to us and is very much appreciated!

Donations can be made at the museum entrance in our donation box or through bank transfer using the following transfer information:

Name of bank Maduro & Curiel’s Bank
Location of bank Bonaire
Beneficiary Stichting Terramar Museum
Beneficiary address Kaya J.N.E. Craane 24, Kralendijk, Bonaire
Account number 40942701
Donate an object

The museum relies for a large part on long-term loans and object donations in its exhibitions. Thus far, several people have already donated objects to us. We provide a safe environment for objects and ensure that they can be enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year. On request, we can acknowledge the donor by placing a sign with the donor’s name next to the object.

While we are very appreciative of donation requests, unfortunately we cannot accept all objects that are offered to us. Please consult our collection management policy to see if your object is eligible for donation to the museum.


Become a member of the museum and enjoy year-round unlimited access to the museum, including all temporary exhibitions, events, and workshops. Our members will be acknowledged in our yearly report and on our website. Memberships cost $100 per year and can be requested by sending an email to